Tandem Flying
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You might be wondering how tandem paragliding works? Nothing simpler! All you have to do is take a few steps at take-off, listen to the pilot’s instructions and whooo… you’re in the air!

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The paraglide will gently start rising off the ground and your tour will start, a tour in which all you have to do is relax, admire the view and let any other worry in the instructor’s care.

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Who can fly? Anyone who can make the first few steps needed for take-off, from children to the elderly (for the young the consent and presence of a legal tutor/parent is necessary)

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What do you need to paraglide? A pair of comfortable, sports shoes, preferably boots or sneakers to ease the run before take-off, a light jacket to protect from the wind and a pair of sunglasses to shield against the wind and the sunlight. The safety-helmet and all other necessary gear is provided by us.

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How much does a flying session last? Around 10 minutes, while in good weather and at the client’s request it can last 30 minutes or more.

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