Fly with us in Clopotiva!

Tandem Flying
Tandem flying at Clopotiva site

You might be wondering how tandem paragliding works? Nothing simpler! All you have to do is take a few steps at take-off, listen to the pilot’s instructions and whooo… you’re in the air!


The voucher can be orderd right now and used at a later date by any 1 person, staying available for 1 year from the date of purchase. It can make for a surprising and very memorable gift to a loved one!

Voucher Paragliding Clopotiva
Paragliding School
Scoala de zbor Parapanta Clopotiva

We know you still have lots of questions about the way the courses in our school take place, what happens at a course, when and how you’ll be able to get your pilot’s licence…

About Us

We are a sports club that offers tandem flights in Hunedoara country, Clopotiva village, 18 km away from Hateg, 5 km away from the nearest Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetuza.

Paragliding Romania tandem flying collage